Before You Buy

Make Your List & Do Your Research

The idea of purchasing a home, especially a first home, can be rather daunting. Prior to jumping in head first, always make sure to do a lot of research on all areas of home buying.  We have a lot of resources to assist you in making the right decisions before you buy a home.

Checklist-1Housing Checklist
Prior to purchasing a home it is extremely important to create what we here at Dream House Help like to call a Housing Checklist. This is simply a list of things you must have (good schools, walking distance to transport), things you would like to have (community pool, park nearby), things you cannot deal with (huge renovation projects, not move-in ready), and things you can deal with (light landscaping, changing paint colors). Creating a Housing Checklist allows you to make sure you get exactly what you want and need in a new home. It also ensures that all members of the household get an opportunity to discuss what they would like in a new home and what they can do without.

When it comes to actually starting the search for your dream house be sure to utilize all the home search resources available. For your convenience we have our Resources page which is dedicated to home buying resources. This includes things like current market search information, local school information, and general information to consider.

The Terminology
Understanding the terminology used by realtors and banks during the home buying process is important. We have compiled a list of such terminology and other useful things to know within our FAQ page. Never go to the signing table without fully understanding the terminology being utilized. Asking questions at any point in the home buying process is a great idea. If a realtor or mortgage broker is unable to answer all your questions, request they do some research and get back to you. While they do their research, you should also do your own. A house is a huge purchase and one that you want to be happy with for years to come. Being smart about the purchase by asking questions, doing your research, and learning all the housing market terminology could really pay off in the long run.